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For a limited time, Brasseler is offering free samples of DuraBraze Crown & Bridge Diamonds so dentists can experience the performance, precision, and predictability first hand.

Next-Generation Technology Designed to Minimize Clogging

Our patented DuraBraze® line introduces new diamond instrument technology to your operatory. The precision-engineered instruments feature revolutionary improvements in diamond crystal bonding and spacing. They deliver better performance, precision, and predictability to your crown prep procedures.

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You will notice a significant difference with DuraBraze®. Bulk reduction of tooth structure will be smoother and more precise with less vibration. Your instruments will last longer, meaning fewer bur changes and less chair time, with consistent performance prep after prep. DuraBraze® instruments perform this way due to new SpotBrazing™ technology. This patented process provides more open spacing between crystals and more consistent cutting edges, creating:

  • Natural self-cleaning channels for minimal clogging
  • Additional crystals sharing the cutting for higher performance
  • More precise shapes

Ideal for CAD/CAM dentistry.

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